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Casselton is located 15 minutes west of Fargo on I-94. Home to over 2000 residents, this small community is home to many attractions and events. Definitely something for everyone from a water park to golf course to winery. Enjoy visiting either for a few hours or a lifetime.

Here is a list of popular residents of Casselton. As this website grows, watch for updated information on each of these former and current residents. Casselton is the home of 4 Governors of North Dakota since statehood in 1889.

Governor Andrew Burke--ND's 2nd Gov 1891-1893
Governor William Langer--ND 17th Gov 1933-1934
Governor William Langer (again) ND 21st Gov 1937-1939
Governor George Sinner--ND 29th Gov 1985-1992

Lt. Gov. Jack Dalrymple--36th Lt. Gov 2000-present


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